Technological Interactions

Technology for respecting the environment

  • High quality standards
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Full integration of electric vehicles in the urban plan
  • CarbonNeutral certification

Technological Interactions

Respecting the environment is an ethical imperative today. 

The goal of SIS is to manage parking areas complying with all quality standards, but above all to do so by minimising energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. A challenge that has proved to be a winning formula and is repaying all the efforts made over time.

Energy saving is one of the main missions of SIS which has always sought to continuously improve the efficiency of products while paying attention to the environment and the financial benefits for customers.

To save energy, SIS also concentrates on virtuous habits, with the aim not only of consuming less energy but also of using it in the best way, at the most appropriate times and getting the most out of it. For this reason SIS is continuously researching what is new in green technologies that generate clean energy, producing guides on the use of the most efficient solutions with least environmental effect, and on the regulations that improve efficiency and energy saving. As a result of this, energy consumption is optimised through the use of latest-generation technologies such as LED and electronic street lighting designed to ensure lower power consumption.

In purpose-built car parks you can find recharging columns for electric vehicles so that during the parking stop you can charge your own electric vehicle: cars, motorbikes or bicycles. SIS also has electric vehicles, cars and scooters, to carry out its control services for the areas managed.

Finally, SIS has long been certified by CarbonNeutral, a clear and credible statement about the actions taken to reduce carbon emissions. This certification involves staff and stakeholders and provides a clear sign that SIS is