SIS, 50 years of advanced solutions.

Research and development in the interparking group

The goal of SIS is to offer not just simple parking management but rather a complete and integrated solution for managing transport as a whole, offering high added value in terms of professional expertise, technological innovation, care for the environment and consequently significant financial returns.

In response to the requests of its customers, the public administration and parking operators, we have developed a new range of advanced Solutions to increase the operational and financial performance of parking operations as well as user satisfaction.

These Solutions are founded on the areas of our greatest expertise:

  • Experience in the parking industry, gained over many years at the international level
  • Research and construction of parking terminals which allow us to be market leaders
  • Mastery of electronic payment technologies, obtained thanks to collaborations with industry operators as well as through facilities created for most existing electronic wallets and credit card
  • In-depth knowledge of telecommunications technologies, transferring devices into communication terminals that can exchange data over networks
  • Expertise in the management of IT systems, associated with the presence of existing facilities in most of the countries
  • Profound understanding of all technological tools on the market, always with an eye to the future

Integrated and complete solutions

SIS is able to deploy the greatest expertise for developing an integrated traffic plan, in terms of reducing traffic congestion, reducing transit times in the city, reducing air pollution levels, improving response times for emergency services, optimising the operational and financial efficiency of public transport and working closely with the heads of the municipal administration and the local police

Historic Town Centers

In a program for developing and enhancing the environmental and cultural resources in the area, historic town centres are a fundamental resource ...

Smart City

An urban area created to favour economic development and high quality of life through the use of integrated technology and resource optimisation: ...

Technological Interactions

Respecting the environment is an ethical imperative today. The goal of SIS is to manage parking areas complying with all quality standards, ...

Case history - SIS Experience

SIS 's goal is to offer advanced solutions, such as integrated design of the parking area through the most advanced technologies for continuous checking on the occupancy of the parking spaces (pay by space) and for checking payment for the parking space through handhelds connected to a remote control station, or through wide-ranging parking management systems based on the latest technologies, creating a system of dynamic direction of vehicle flows to car parks directly connected to the historic town centre, or by reclaiming unused facilities to enable parking and boost the usability of the historic town centres of famous cities.


An example of technological integration between parking payment machines, the control centre, information panels and web apps

Town of Todi

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Town of Recanati

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