SIS, SIS, a company, a complete solution.

Leader in Italy in the management of street-level car parks.

S.I.S. Segnaletica Industriale Stradale S.r.l. is a leader in Italy in the management of street-level car parks. It has thirty years’ experience in designing solutions for the problems of traffic, and in car park management, with particular reference to paying surface parking areas regulated by payment machines and it contributes to the spread of the culture of the paying parking area as a service for the community throughout Italy.

SIS works with the utmost professional expertise, using a spare parts warehouse, a technical support division, an electronics division, a programming division and a staff training and education service to ensure its customers maximum efficiency and professional expertise.

SIS is a dynamic, evolving and growing company that works to ensure the most efficient solution for its customers’ needs, leveraging the established professional skills and organisational flexibility it has at its disposal.

Great design and management capacity, coupled with a solid financial base, allow SIS to also offer project financing initiatives for the creation of underground and street-level car parks.

01 The Proposal

SIS’s goal is to offer not just straightforward parking management but rather a complete and integrated solution for managing transport as a whole, offering high added value in terms of professional expertise, technological innovation, care for the environment and consequently significant financial returns.

The quality and dependability of its services offered to the market have led to the achievement of a leading position in the market in the management of paying parking areas through the provision, installation and routine and unplanned maintenance of gates, driver-operated and automatic payment machines, electronic barriers, handheld computers and software platforms.

interparking group

02 Interparking

Interparking is one of the leading operators in the field of European car park management and has gained a loyal customer base in a number of important European cities over the last sixty years.

60 Years

One of the most important companies in Europe in the field of public car park management


Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland and Romania

782+ Car Parks

Used by 60 million cars every year

363+ Cities

City centres, Hospitals, Shopping and Business areas, Tourist locations, Stations and Airports, on-street

03 The SIS Team

Technical support, staff training and education to ensure our customers the utmost efficiency and professional expertise.

  • team

    Sales Manager

    Point of reference for any business issues related to management of the service, concession contracts, extensions, contract modifications, project initiatives in collaboration with the municipal administration, future developments, project financing, etc.
  • team

    Operations Manager

    Point of reference for any issue related to the operational management of the contract with the municipal administration and his/her typical contacts are the Councillor for transport and the local police Commander.
  • team

    Technical Manager

    Point of reference for all issues related to the proper functioning of all equipment, on-site and remote control management systems, maintenance, repair, tariff changes, programming and software updates for all devices for payment and determining length of stay.
  • team

    Human Resources Manager

    Point of reference for any issue related to management of staff employed in the specific installation, such as Traffic Auxiliaries. The main activities are the selection and/or substitution of staff.
  • team

    Internal Auditor

    A figure entirely dedicated to checking compliance with the procedures in force by all employees within the Company, with particular reference to operational staff in Italy.

04 Business Quality

SIS considers it essential to seek total quality and environmental and technological guarantees in a context that is increasingly driven towards the achievement of excellence, providing our customers with products and services with a high standard of workmanship, in the timescales agreed, according to the technical requirements applicable, executed with the highest levels of staff safety and in line with market expectations.

For this purpose SIS has for some ten years established in its own organisation a Quality Management System in accordance with the relevant standards, as described in the Quality, Social Responsibility and Environmental Manual and detailed in Company Procedures and in Technical Instructions.

05 Organisation

In carrying out its activities SIS considers it a fundamental requirement to fulfil its responsibilities towards its Employees, Customers and Suppliers.

In this context, the Company has defined principles and values ??of legality, responsibility, integrity, transparency and correct behaviour, adopting in 2010 its own Organisation Management and Control Model according to Decree Law 231/2001, establishing at the same time the appointment of a special Supervisory Body that is responsible for verifying compliance with the Model and reporting to the Board of Directors all information regarding updates and/or modifications as well as possible non-compliance with the provisions of the said Model of the Supervisory Body.

The quality and dependability of its services offered to the market have led to the achievement of a leading position in the market through the provision of services for paid parking areas by agreement with municipalities for the supply, installation and routine and unplanned maintenance of payment machines with optimisation of operations.

Organisational modelSocial responsibility report Complaints SA8000Guide SA8000

06 Legality Rating

The legality rating is a type of ethical rating intended for Italian companies. In order to promote ethical principles in Italian corporate conduct in implementation of the conversion law of Decree Law 24 March 2012, no. 29, the Competition and Market Authority in conjunction with the Ministries of Justice and Home Affairs, approved in November 2012 a Regulation to define the award of a legality rating for companies operating in Italy with a turnover of over 2 million euros. The rating given to companies is taken into account when granting public funding by public administrations, as well as for access to bank credit. In fact, a bank that does not grant credit to a company with the rating has to justify its decision with a special note to the Bank of Italy. Note that additional procedures are planned.

Self-certification procedures are necessary to obtain the rating, such as the absence of personal or financial prevention measures or personal or financial precautionary measures for directors and members. Self-certification of the absence of rulings against it by the antitrust offences Italian Authority and European Commission and finally the absence of rulings against it for non-compliance with the laws on occupational health and safety protection and remunerative, contributory, insurance and tax offences are also necessary.