Payment cards

Payment cards

  • Ease of use
  • Different types of cards
  • No commissions
  • Customisable cards that can be used for advertising purposes
  • Rechargeable directly at the payment machine
  • Reduced tariffs

Payment cards

Modern parking payment machines allow payment not only in cash but also through different types of cards: rechargeable, debit or credit cards.

Simple operation

Various technologies can be used: magnetic-stripe cards, chip cards and smart cards. The user can select the exact amount to pay precisely and independently and can recharge the card at the same parking machine when the prepaid card is exhausted.

All operations are recorded by the machine and are available for data analysis.

There are no bank commission fees for using the cards

Contactless technology

Contactless payment cards are an application of RFID technology. Unlike traditional cards with magnetic stripe or microchip, they do not require physical insertion of the card into the reader, it is sufficient to bring it up close. The user can precisely and independently select the amount to be paid.

Payment cards for residents

It is possible to handle different tariffs for both on- and off-street parking for cardholders. The latter will have access to discounted/lower tariffs that the system will recognise in the presence of the same card. The user then, once the card is inserted, will see the amount of the reduced tariff.