Video surveillance

Video surveillance

  • Targeted and flexible solution
  • Affordable cost
  • Remote management possibility
  • It increases the user's sense of security
  • It discourages vandalism
  • It handles different areas of interest

Video surveillance

A video surveillance system is a valuable deterrent and an effective tool to support public administrations with positive effects in terms of service efficiency, prevention, timely intervention and sense of security.

Protection for customer and user

Video surveillance, once the preserve only of large companies, is becoming a subject considered by smaller organisations too, such as small- and medium-sized businesses, municipalities and sales outlets, which increasingly feel the need to be able to control their sales, municipal or production activities.

Thanks to technological development, it is possible to offer the customer solutions tailored to their needs without costs as exorbitant as they once were.

Different functionalities

A video surveillance system is suitable for managing different areas of interest identified by different control strategies.

It is crucial to decide at the design stage the methods for handling images in terms of display, recording and analysis in real time and after the event.

The video surveillance system can be connected to an Operational Control Centre, of various sizes, through integrated data management shared with other integrated systems.