Signs Planning

Street Signs

  • Horizontal and vertical signs
  • Electronic signs
  • Variable Message Panels
  • Traffic improvement
  • Traffic information
  • Route optimisation

Signs Planning

S.I.S. Synonym for quality in street signs

One of SIS’s strengths has always been the management of road signs, managed directly by its own dedicated team which deals with planning, design, improvement and installation.

New Technologies

Over the years there has been a diversification of production that has led to expanding the range of products in the field of electronic signs and vertical, temporary and complementary street signs. This has allowed SIS to strengthen its leadership position and reach new market share.
SIS's strengths lie in the pronounced specialisation and expertise of its staff, the use of high-quality raw materials, the many years of experience in the industry and the wide range of products and services on offer.

Variable Message Panels

The PMV Variable Message Panel System is a valuable tool that allows you to view, with remarkable clarity and excellent readability at a distance, traffic information and various types of notices with frequent updates.

The system is typically composed of variable message panels controlled by computer and centrally managed by particular software.

All the operational management of the panels and the supervision of the overall system are concentrated at the central level. The system allows for displaying predefined information in text form and displaying pictograms; the presentation of the information can be handled on a calendar basis or at the initiative of the operator or of specific software for the recognition of traffic scenarios.

The central level is able to control the system autonomously and display information from a high-level Traffic Management Integrated System.

Traffic optimisation

With a specific local traffic study, SIS is concerned with improving the traffic flow and simplification of the information collected on parking areas available in the city for drivers. By means of specific signs, it is therefore possible to guide drivers to the main parking areas and to regulate the routes to be followed to access them, calculating the best route.