• Easy access control
  • They reduce abusive stays
  • More fluid traffic flow
  • Timed activation
  • Automatic recognition of vehicles authorised for access
  • Automation of detection procedures


Gates are the ideal solution for controlling access to pedestrian islands, private parking, historic town centres and restricted traffic areas.

They allow for access to areas that are particularly affected by abusive parking phenomena, especially at night, even if the streets are already subject to a restricted traffic regime, while at the same time regulating access for loading and unloading, which is limited to certain time bands.

Simple operation

Timed activation: opportunity to program activation and deactivation based on day and time

The creation of this access control system, endorsed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, ensures real and immediate benefits for municipal administrations, such as more fluid traffic flow of authorised vehicles, more profitable use of control personnel, automation of detection procedures and an increase in penalties, as well as an improvement in the quality of life and liveability of the area affected by the intervention.

Access management

The access control system consists of a variable number of gates installed close to the main access routes to the ZTL (Restricted Traffic Zone) and under centralised control by an Operational Control Centre.

The electronic gates allow the automatic recognition of cars authorised for access to the ZTL, and those contravening the rules, via a snapshot and OCR reading of the registration plate and then computer reconstruction of the plate.

The information recorded is sent to the central level via the communications network (ADSL, GPRS, UMTS, fibre optic) and processed by a software application on a Web technology platform.

The access control system allows, using the same video-capture equipment, for classifying vehicle transits by length of the vehicle and penalising any unauthorised transits on the basis of length, such as bulky vehicles.