Off Street Parking

Off Street Parking

  • Complete and Modular System
  • Easy, intuitive, usable, ergonomic and safe
  • Flexible and customisable means of payment
  • Opportunity to integrate payment of additional services
  • Speed ​​of use and continuous operation
  • Simple maintenance

Off Street Parking

A new approach to parking

Parking facilities that breathe life into the city.

Nowadays, transport and accessibility are at the forefront of the challenges facing all major European cities. In fact, motorists looking for a place to park account for more than 30% of all urban traffic, which underlines the critical importance of providing parking services to develop more liveable urban areas.

To alleviate the congestion of urban traffic, SIS acts as a major player to help improve everyday urban life.

SIS manages and builds parking facilities, working closely with local public bodies to preserve the heritage of the cities’ historic centres.

Many of our car parks are in an optimal position, close to major stations and with convenient public transport links.

At the same time, we help our customers to reduce carbon emissions by providing charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as discounts for low-pollution vehicles. Actions based on the three pillars of our strategy: quality of service, improved city centre transport and reduced impact on the environment. 

Latest technologies

A complete and flexible system so that all components mesh together to perfection.

A construction process that tends to involve the customer from the very beginning.

A system that gives the user priority and provides an easy, intuitive, usable, ergonomic and safe service.

Particular attention is paid to machine availability with self-test and self-diagnosis, with the facility of remote intervention.

In harmony with motorists

Attractive design, clean lines and different materials with quality finishes enhance the image of parking.

Automatic payment stations: easily identifiable sales interface thanks to illuminated borders, easy to use thanks to infographics and large bright displays.

Ergonomic controls that look solid and secure convey an image of confidentiality to the user using debit or credit cards. Solid and durable slots for payment with banknotes or coins.

Entrance-exit terminal: Display, ticket insertion-dispensing slot mounted on the front of the terminal to be easily identifiable.

Opportunity to integrate instant payment solutions with smart cards and intercoms for assistance.

Manual payment stations: Compact and functional design, a modular system that allows the operator to find the best location based on available space.

Bonus devices (off-line validator): small and convenient, functioning off-line (without continuous connection to the main LAN). Fully intelligent and programmable with 5 discount/validation levels per device. Off-line discount and validation statistics can be consulted by the central management device.

Customised services

Configurable tickets: cumulative tickets for families, groups or particular categories.

Commercial bonus schemes: in the form of parking vouchers (parking time, cash value or time band) or with compact and cost-effective off-line bonus devices.

Delayed payment: tickets can be charged entirely or partially to external accounts. All these delayed payments are billed separately.

Sale of associated products or services: lthe sale of soft drinks and accessories or bicycle rentals can be programmed into manual payment stations and thus be incorporated into the accounting records of fully verifiable systems.

Simple maintenance

Accessibility of subsystems: entrance-exit terminals and payment subsystems are easily accessible on 3 sides with extractable racks to speed up all maintenance operations.

Manual payment stations: manageable without IT skills, just by clear commands.

Parking server: Fully accessible via customisable windows, graphics and filters; advanced remote management thanks to direct connection through various data networks.