On-street parking payment machines

On-street parking payment machines

  • Available 24/7
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible payments
  • Easy checking service
  • Integration with street furniture
  • Environmentally friendly

On-street parking payment machines

A universal concept based on tickets

In more than 70 countries worldwide, the ticket is proof of payment and reassures the user by the ease with which they can regularise their stay.
The information on the ticket (date and time of end of parking, price paid, registration plate, etc.) also allows easy checking on every parked vehicle by the authorised bodies.

The user

The parking payment machine meets multiple user expectations:

Ergonomic: it is easily identified by the universal symbol "P" that indicates parking

Easy to use: the steps for using it are limited, simple and natural. Choice of tariff, payment, validation and ticket issue are facilitated by the infographics present and the messages displayed

Payment methods and flexible tariffs: parking payment machines can be programmed to vary the rates according to the period, the day of the week and the time. It also lets you customise tariffs by user categories, for example for residents. The more advanced models also allow you to choose from various payment solutions as an alternative to cash, such as credit cards or prepaid payment cards, offering the driver the most convenient and efficient solution


Sturdiness: the parking payment meter is designed and built to withstand adverse climate conditions and vandalism that could compromise its operation

Protection: the cash collected is protected by a replaceable anti-theft steel box and even the collectors cannot access the cash

Accurate management: the device can provide a lot of statistics through printing reports during routine maintenance and through telematic communications systems. The operator always has all the necessary information available such as receipts, usage statistics and maintenance intervals

Control and monitoring

Simple verification: in order to avoid a succession of illegal parking, it is necessary to check compliance with the rules not only in paid parking areas but also in other areas.

Similarly, it is simple for officers of the Municipal Police, Carabinieri and Traffic Auxiliary staff to ascertain the violation due to the presence of the ticket issued by the parking payment meter which must be displayed by the driver of the vehicle at the start of the stay.

Image of the city

Environmentally friendly: modern, compact and integrated into the urban environment, they utilise modern technologies for energy saving and recycling of raw materials

Image of quality: modern designs and the ability to integrate new technologies conveys a positive image both to residents and to tourists

Promotion of historic town centres:in a program for developing the promotion of environmental and cultural resources in the area, historic town centres are a fundamental resource and should be enhanced, making them more beautiful, more liveable and more welcoming, improving the provision of information and reception services. Limiting automobile traffic is a logical consequence and is an integral part of a policy for their recovery and promotion.

The paid parking system implements a reduction and filtering of traffic in the central area, with a more balanced use of central and peripheral car parks, and with reduced and more spread-out traffic circulation over a wider urban context.

Parking payment machines ensure a greater rotation of parking spaces, better parking opportunities at times of high usage or emergencies, as well as an efficient service available to citizens and tourists.