• Reliability
  • Specialist staff
  • On-site interventions
  • Certified materials
  • Lower intervention times
  • Devices that are always efficient


Routine and unscheduled maintenance

The terminals have been developed with a constant focus on reliability. We have set up a whole range of maintenance services based essentially on the presence of nearby businesses and specialist staff for interventions to ensure the maximum uptime for the devices under management in the parking area. Maintenance services include different types of service provided by highly specialist staff.

Supply of certified consumables

Tickets and batteries must be always available to keep installed devices, such as parking payment machines, automatic payment units, barriers, gates, video cameras and variable message panels, up and running

Repair of sub-assemblies

SIS, among the various possibilities it provides, offers contracts customised according to customer needs and the features of the devices installed, optimising overall management and giving significant cost savings

On-site maintenance

This includes the preventive and corrective actions necessary for the devices, respecting security and scheduled intervention times

Maintenance and Supervision

Get the benefits of our Supervision system to maximise the performance of the preventive and corrective actions needed for the devices themselves.