CDS procedure management

Highway code procedural management

  • It allows the management of the entire penalty procedure
  • Flexible and modular
  • Designed for outsourcing
  • Integration with additional modules
  • Linked to the database

CDS procedure management

The advanced service for the Municipal Police for Highway Code infraction management

HCR Web manages and integrates all areas of action in the penalty process, from detecting the infraction of the Highway Code up to the enforcement of the collection of the fines through the payroll.

In particular, HCR Web operates in the following areas:

  • Detection and acquisition of violation from paper, handheld, speed camera, red light photo media/devices
  • Search in the national databases for the offender's details
  • Printing and posting of all the documents necessary for the penalty procedure and other obligations required by law
  • Production of documents for litigation with citizens management
  • Receipt of sums paid
  • Accounting and statistical management of offences by external companies (traffic auxiliaries)


The service is provided through the supply of the various activities via outsourcing, the only solution that avoids fixed costs for technology infrastructure, specialised personnel, maintenance and updates of software.
From the IT and technology perspective the service is carried out in Terminal Service mode, according to which the Police Control Centre has one or more standard workstations, consisting of a Pentium IV PC running Windows XP and with an ADSL-type Internet connection.

Alternatively, the operations management software and the data can be on the Police Control Centre SERVER and the outsourcing service will be performed by the Service Centre via a remote connection.


The mode of service allows for a modular and scalable solution, depending on the specific needs encountered at the organisational level of the local Police Control Centre, which will thus be able to process internally only those operational activities considered indispensable and adapted to its organisational structure.

Both the application software and the infractions database may be resident on a SERVER located at the municipal Police Control Centre. In this case, the Service Centre will access the data remotely, for subsequent printing, posting, notification, reporting, etc. or the data may be installed externally, in the Service Centre to which the Police Control Centre will be constantly connected via the Internet for all query and monitoring operations.

Designed for outsourcing

The application was designed to provide the Police Control Centre with a set of operating tools to manage and control the correct execution of outsourced work by the Service Centres.

The Police Control Centre can set up, via the timing tool, the time scanning of the Service Centre's activities. Using sophisticated statistical and graphical tools, it is possible to automatically check that the Service Centre's work has been done within the anticipated timescale.

In the event of any activity taking longer than the anticipated timescale, HCR Web provides a detailed statement of all abnormal situations.

Optional Modules

The system is designed for the use of equipment for the detection of infractions with the help of portable handheld devices which in this case can be supplied directly by SIS. HCR Web is also designed to provide innovative (optional) services through the use of the latest IT and telephone technology. This area is called Computer Telephony Integration and encompasses:

  • Transmission of real-time detection data via handheld devices in GPRS mode (cellular phone connection between handhelds and Service Centre)
  • Service Centres, for providing the citizen 24/7 with information on the alleged violation, using Interactive Voice Response technology and the opportunity to request the same information via fax, e-mail and SMS
  • Archiving on optical disk of documents related to the various phases of the process
  • WEB Portal, for online queries by the Police Control Centre and citizens (controlled access mode requiring online registration)

Depending on the modules chosen, the cost of HCR Web is calculated starting from a unit cost per detection handled.