Fine/Refund Management

Fine/refund management

  • Manual or automated assessment
  • Compatible with SisPark management software and handhelds
  • Integration with databases
  • Sending communications
  • POSTEL management
  • Cash receipts management

Fine/Refund Management

The PARKING21 application has been created for the management of the collection of the proceeds of fines and litigation.

The various stages of the bureaucratic process can be customized, both in the sequence and in the timing, to comply with the terms of the municipality’s concession and to comply with the relevant provisions of law.

The procedure also allows the recovery of any expenses of the income collection (e.g. for PRA statements, postal charges, etc.)

Operations such as the following can thus be easily handled:

  • detection of failure to pay and the recording of the licence plate of the non-performing party
  • automatic PRA statement with capture of the details of the owner
  • issue of an informal reminder (without additional charges)
  • issue of Official Notification by registered letter with notification of receipt with charge for procedural costs
  • preparation of the Letter to the Justice of the Peace for the enforced collection of the amount due and expenses
  • submission of citizen's appeal and the outcome of the same

Collection of the fine automatically interrupts the procedure

The program was developed for the Windows® environment with a user interface characteristic of that operating system.

The supported features are:

Detection of infractions or failure to pay

Manual The manual input program allows the recording of penalties, stored with paper media in support. A number of tables provided by the program (offences, tariffs, streets, zones etc.) simplify the entry and enable the verification and consistency of the data entered.

From a handheld computer The program allows the capture of penalties directly from HIS 21 handheld computers with data consistency checks against those in the above tables.

From operations management software provided that the same can handle data export.

Queries to external databases

Transmission/reception of personal data related to passenger car licence plates is provided for, via the PRA database, automatically eliminating the licence plates of foreign vehicles

The program allows for checking the information received from the remote connection, as well as automatic insertion of personal details and collection of outstanding penalties.

The personal details obtained from the databases are stored in a suitable local archive of the statements received and remain available to the program for inclusion in other penalty records.

NB: The parking management company, for the use of the aforementioned services, will have to enter into a contract with the suppliers (Telecom, Ancitel, ACI, etc.) and if necessary purchase the emulator.

Sending informal letters

If requested by the Justice of the Peace, there is a facility for automatically printing an informal reminder for payment customisable by the user through Word mail merge.

Sending penalty notifications

This allows for the automatic printing of notifications on blank paper or on forms foldable into envelopes with receipt for reception to confirm receipt of the notification.

Sending letters to the Justice of the Peace

There is a facility for the automatic printing of the letter to the Justice of the Peace for the convocation of defaulting citizens. This letter can also be customised by the user through Word mail merge.

Sending other documents

In case of particular need, you can add the option of managing the sending of other types of documents.

POSTEL management – optional module

A form is available to export data for sending printed documents with POSTEL, the new fast and efficient way to send mail.

It is the responsibility of the customer to enter into a contract with the Post Office or other companies that can provide this postal service.

Cash receipts management

Recording cash receipts can be: Manual, for payments in cash and with credit or debit card directly.

At the management company's cashier's counter. Entry of the amounts received and printing the related payment receipts (blank paper / letterhead) are handled here.

Manual, for payments using a Post Office payment form. Recording the amounts will occur on receipt of the relevant Post Office account statement.

Automatic capture by analysis of the electronic Post Office statement is possible (module available on request). The party in question must enter into a relevant contract with Italian Post Office.

It is possible to handle payments via the Internet if the party has a site handling payments through that medium (module available upon request).

For each of the above-mentioned payment types, payment may be made in instalments until full settlement of the amount due.

In case of automatic analysis of payments, accounting statements can be printed for the necessary accounting checks.

Handling of litigation proceeds sent by citizens

It is possible to link the documents sent by the citizens (e-mails, photos, paper documents) to each penalty, provided that the documents are in digital format. Alternatively, you can store the physical location of the paper documents received.


There are many statistical printouts, such as the list of penalties issued by street, Agent, infraction, penalty status.

If the desired printout is not available, a very simple query tool will allow the user to create new summary statistics