Permit/Subscription Management

Restricted traffic area permit/subscription handling

  • Permit archive management
  • Direct printing of permits
  • Ability to manage temporary permits
  • Interaction with handhelds supplied to Agents
  • Interface with access control systems
  • Integration in web platforms for management by external operators

Permit/Subscription Management

A procedure designed to manage and administer the issue and renewal of access permits, temporary or otherwise, for restricted traffic areas

Base functionality

  • Management of permits for residents or authorised drivers, temporary, annual and for multiple years.
  • Printing permits on A4/A5 sheet or, on request, on custom template with anti-fraud hologram.
  • Printing of individual permit, a list of permits and circular letters that can be customised by the user for communications to citizens, selected in various ways (by street, type of permit, etc.).
  • Data security using passwords for authorised Agents.
  • Permits can be searched or catalogued by:
    • Sector
    • Street
    • Reason for issue
    • Permit holder
    • Category (residents, artisans ...)
    • Type (parking, parking and transit, disabled ...)
  • Each permit contains the following information: sequential number, holder, period of validity, street and sector concerned, reason for issue, requirements and times of validity of the permit, notes field.
  • All information is verified with special support tables managed by the user.
  • Management and printing of temporary permits (e.g. goods loading/unloading).
  • Accounting statements in case of paid annual temporary permits.
  • Printing of payment receipt.
  • Management of temporary permits issued with Sispark handheld computers
  • Printout of various statistics
  • Export of licence plates with permit onto Sispark handheld computers for on the street verification of the validity of the permits displayed
  • Communication with central information system where appropriate:
    • Export of data in ASCII / DBF / XLS / XML format for uploading to host computer.

Optional modules

  • Interface with access control system.
  • Sending communications to the holders via EMAIL / SMS.
  • WEB module for question capture with a regular browser.
  • WEB module for printing permits independently by authorised commercial operators (e.g. hotels).