Data Management

Data management

  • Two-way data exchange between PC and handheld
  • Compatibility with Highway Code management software
  • Prepare and print documents
  • Registration plate management and reporting
  • Opportunity to attach and manage photos
  • Availability of additional modules

Data Management

Data Management allows the management of all the support tables used by applications on the handheld computers of Sispark.

Some of these features are only available to those customers who purchase them along with the relevant optional modules installed on Sispark handheld computers.

The procedure also includes programs for transmitting data to handheld computers and importing and converting the data and tables used by operations management applications.

Standard Modules

Bidirectional data exchange between personal computers in the office and computers used on the street

  • Data transmission to all handheld computers
  • Transmission to a single handheld computer identified by a logical number and/or a physical number (associated with hardware)
  • Management of backup equipment
  • Automatic transmission of individual tables without intervention by the operator

Exporting documents produced by handheld computers

  • Compatibility with all CDS management software
  • Use of standard interchange formats between procedures
  • Modification of interchange paths by changing individual configuration tables (no modification to program source code)

Importing or guided and controlled input of the information needed to produce documents from handhelds:

  • agents
  • streets
  • infractions
  • citizens’ standard statements
  • notes
  • ancillary penalties
  • vehicle marques and models
  • type of vehicles
  • numbering of notices/reports

Licence plate identification management

That is, identification of those vehicles with particular characteristics (stolen cars, unmarked, etc.). The program also allows the recording of rules of conduct in case of encountering the said vehicles.

As soon as it is available from the PRA, it is planned to automatically import stolen vehicle licence plates data.

Managing the historical archive of all documents produced with computers on the road:

  • notices of violations of the CDS
  • formal written notices
  • speeding reports (Art. 142 of the CDS)
  • police custody reports
  • seizure reports
  • parked vehicle removal reports
  • road accident statements
  • vehicle delivery reports following accident
  • recovery of lost/stolen vehicle reports
  • biological liquid examination request reports
  • reports on issue of driving documents and related transit permits to nearest place

Possibility to export the data of each document to the operations management software that handles the import of such data via standard office automation formats.


Management of the historical archive of all photos (in digital format) taken during the recording of violations under the CDS.

Support functions

Such as, for example, reconstructing data in the event of a PC malfunction or managing the access codes for the procedure itself.

Additional Modules

Service Reports Management

I.e. reports of anomalies that the Agent detects in service. Management of the same concerns reports:

  • Produced with handheld computers
  • Recorded directly on the PC with the program itself

Printouts or email messages can also be produced for report recipients (road signs department, maintenance companies, etc.) grouped by department /subject or other parameters at the user's request.

Management of Issue of Temporary Permits for Restricted Traffic Areas

  • Permanent permits at the Control Centre on A4 sheet
  • Historical storage of temporary permits produced with handheld computers on the street
  • Production of statistics on the activity carried out