Smartphone Management

Smartphone management

  • Windows and Android compatible
  • Versatile and Modular
  • Prepare and print Documents
  • Registration plate management and reporting
  • Opportunity to attach and manage photos
  • Availability of additional modules

Smartphone Management

Smartphone Management is extremely versatile software created for Android and Windows systems and usable on various terminals: smartphones, tablets, handhelds and netbooks. It consists of various modules designed to be IT tools for the Agent on the street. All the information recorded by the Agent is then exported, via the IT interface on the PC, to the operations management software at the Police Control Centre / Customer office. The various modules share architecture and user interface but differ in the functions performed.

Standard Modules


Base program module. Smartphone Management
Guided and controlled entry of all the information necessary for editing and printing the following documents:

  • notices of violations of the CDS (Codice della Strada, Highway Code)
  • formal written notices
  • speeding reports (Art. 142 of the CDS)
  • police custody reports
  • seizure reports
  • parked vehicle removal reports
  • road accident statements
  • vehicle delivery reports following accident
  • recovery of lost / stolen vehicle reports
  • biological liquid examination request reports
  • reports on issue of driving documents and related transit permits to nearest place

Upon request, it is possible to print any report/document related to the CDS and mayoral, commercial and construction ordinances.

It is possible to export data of any printed document produced to operations management software that can import the data in standard office automation formats, or to the historical archive on the PC, using the appropriate software.


The Smartphone Management software allows you to combine the notices of violations with the photos taken with the terminal in use (maximum of 3 photos for each notice). Subsequently the photos will be transferred from the terminal to the PC of the Police Control Centre / Customer office via the specific software for later examination, printing or document archiving.

Licence plates identification

This allows the identification of vehicles with special characteristics, such as cars with parking permits, stolen, unmarked, etc., during the recording of violations to the CDS.
The information associated with the plate identified may also include conduct rules that the Agent must adhere to when encountering the vehicle identified.
The function, whose name matches that of the software procedure, allows for updating the information on the PC manually or, as soon as the ACI (Automobile Club d'Italia, Italian Automobile Club) makes it available, by automatic connection to the PRA (Pubblico registro automobilistico, Public Automobile Register).

Managing payments for CDS violations

This allows the on-the-spot payment of tickets issued to foreign citizens and the simultaneous issue of a receipt for payment as provided for by law.
If the operations management software allows it, it records the ticket as paid by providing the necessary information for the accounting record of each Agent's cash receipts.


Additional Modules

Service Reports Management

This allows the recording of service reports related to particularities detected by the Agent on the street.
Each report is linked to a set of coded information that identifies it and allows its grouping into homogeneous categories, specifically: RECIPIENT OFFICE / SUBJECT, STREET, DATE-TIME, AGENT, TITLE.

On request, you can link the report to the photos taken with the handheld computer in use.
All of this information is then rearranged by the specific software procedure on the PC of the office that will produce printouts or e-mails, grouped according to the various search keys given codes by the operator in the office.

Management of Issue of Temporary Permits for Restricted Traffic Areas (ZTL)

This allows you to record and print temporary permits for access to the ZTL directly through the handhelds (including for multiple days), to be given to citizens.
Each permit is provided with tabular information such as ROAD, DATE/TIME, REASON, AGENT which will then be used by the PC procedure for traffic statistics.
Permits created on the street via handhelds can be exported to the digital access control management systems of the main system suppliers.
Licence plates of holders of transit permits and permanent parking permits are automatically notified to the Agent during the detection of infringements.
In combination with our software or other solutions that include data export, it is possible to automatically download to handhelds the licence plates of those with parking rights and information on annual permits (e.g. permit no., duration, suspension times).

Checking vehicles for the parking tariff paid by mobile phone

This allows you to store service orders and temporary operational notes.
Those for the current day of the Agent in service are supplied when the handheld is turned on.
The Agent can also search for those for later dates.
Export/import of data to/from the Police Control Centres

Public Database Access

Function for accessing public databases on traffic and road safety via Android smartphones, as well as information provided by municipality databases for the mobile services of local police Agents and to perform checks and assessments quickly, autonomously and securely through a smartphone, at the same time on all the databases available to the municipal administrations such as: MCTC (Motorizzazione Civile, Driver and Vehicle Licensing)); PRA; ANIA (Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici, Italian Association of Insurers); SIVES (Veicoli Sequestrati, Seized Vehicles).