Town of Recanati

Integration of parking in the historic town centre

  • Street parking
  • Off-street parking
  • Project Financing
  • Multi-storey car park
  • Integration with street furniture

Town of Recanati

Recanati rises on the top of a hill whose winding crest is almost flat, at 296 m above sea level, between the valleys of the Potenza and Musone rivers. It is about 20 km from the Province’s main town, Macerata, 8 km from Loreto and a little less than 40 km from Ancona. The Adriatic Sea, beyond which the mountains of Dalmatia can be seen when the air is clear, is about ten kilometres to the east of the town. To the north is Monte Conero bathed by the sea and on the other sides of the city, not hemmed in by surrounding heights, you can see the peaks of the Apennines. The summits of the Sibillini Mountains with Monte Vettore and higher up Monte San Vicino, the Strega and the Catria are easy to spot. Like other towns of the Marche Region, Recanati is a typical "balcony town", named for the broad panorama that can be viewed: towns and villages scattered in large numbers over a wide expanse, encompassing planes, valleys and hills

Street parking

Street parking in the over 350 paying spaces for cars is handled by 8 Parkeon parking payment machines (Parkeon is a world leader in the industry), all powered by solar energy and complete with GPRS modems and a data centre service. The parking payment machines can accept payments by:

  • Coins: 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 cents, 1 and 2 euro
  • Prepaid Chip CArd / Smart CArd, in various nominal amounts, reducing balance
  • Bancomat (direct debit) card in Fast Pay mode
  • EMV credit cards

Project Financing – Off Street

The facility consists of a covered, basement-type car park, closed on two sides, designed partly as a pedestrian precinct and partly as uncovered parking for cars only.

The car park is located on the area occupied previously by the “Ex f.lli Farina” sports field. There is a lift from the parking area to Viale C. Battisti, the lift positioned in the area previously used for changing rooms, and there is a second lift near the area facing Porta San Domenico and its complex of religious buildings.

Vehicle access to the underground car park and the uncovered parking area overhead is by dedicated entrance and exit lanes linked to the town's road network

The lower covered car park has about 180 parking spaces for cars