Town of Todi

Quality car parks for quality parking

  • Street parking
  • Off-street parking
  • Integrated signs plan
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Integrated transport services

Town of Todi

Todi is a typical medieval town with its historic centre perched on top of a hill and an area of ​​modern expansion extending towards the Tiber valley.

Today the town has more than 20,000 residents and is a tourist attraction renowned for its historical, cultural and gastronomic character.

Traffic flows into the ring road surrounding the historic centre of the town where roads connecting with the main traffic arteries of the region converge.

To respond to the pressing demands of sustainable transport management SIS has developed a sophisticated parking management system using the most advanced technologies, creating a dynamic traffic system for directing vehicle flows to the parking areas. These areas have been connected to the historic centre.

Street parking

Street parking in the over 450 spaces for cars is handled by 8 Parkeon parking payment machines (Parkeon is a world leader in the industry), all powered by solar energy and complete with GPRS modems and the Parkfolio©neo data centre service. The parking payment machines can accept payments by:

  • Coins: 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 cents, 1 and 2 euro
  • Prepaid Chip CArd / Smart CArd, in various nominal amounts, reducing balance
  • Bancomat (direct debit) card in Fast Pay mode
  • EMV credit cards

Off-street parking

A new automated bar system has been installed with automatic and Skidata payment.

The facility allows the payment of parking subject to different tariffs for different types of vehicles (cars/buses/campers), with mixed payment systems (coins, banknotes, cards).

The facility also allows the concessionary authority to check revenue and statistical data on space occupancy online and in real time, remotely and confidentially.

There is a shelter at the bus stop with bench seat and information noticeboard as an addition to the services offered in the car park

Integrated signs plan

In addition to supplying and installing all the vertical signs, in accordance with the CDS (Codice della Strada, Highway Code) extra directional signs, including those with variable messages, have been installed on the routes to the car parks. In total, 22 parking signs for the car parks have been installed.

There are also 4 electronic directional arrows, complete with GPRS module, for displaying and indicating the number of available spaces.

Finally there is a variable-message panel, complete with GPRS module, near the Porta Romana, where information on traffic (e.g. "ZTL gate open/closed") can be displayed. (ZTL is Zona a Traffico Limitato, Restricted Traffic Zone).

At the discretion of the concessionary authority, it is possible to carry out modifications and updates.

Video surveillance systems

In the Porta Orvietana car park the parking areas are under constant video surveillance through 16 colour video cameras..

To provide greater security to the user, both the vehicle parking areas and the cableway area are monitored.

Image viewing takes place in the control centre at the parking payment office. In addition, there are 6 colour video cameras in the car parks at piazzale Carlo della Giacoma and piazzale Cesare Manganelli.

The images of both car parks are recorded in full compliance with the regulations in force, in HD, and they are permanently available for checks by the local police and the other forces of public safety.

Integrated transport services

The Porta Orvietana car park is equipped with a cableway for carrying passengers uphill, whose operation and maintenance is entrusted to SIS, as is the rapid intervention service in case of breakdown.

To cope with any operational condition, the staff have been trained to carry out the necessary interventions to restore operation. However, in the event of a prolonged stoppage, passengers will be transported to the historic centre by means of a shuttle bus operational within a maximum of 20 minutes from the stoppage.