• Problems with urban traffic?

    Jams in the town centre, difficulties accessing the shops and slow public transport highlight the traffic and parking problem.

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  • Enhancing your city?

    Modern devices, compact and integrated into the city environment, use modern technology for energy savings and recycling raw materials.

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  • Warning: Fraud


    WARNING: Companies called Saran Investments SA or Cimovelpark, are offering non-existing investment opportunities in our name.

    Interparking is not associated with either of these companies and they do not represent us in any way. Please do not respond to any correspondence in any form whatsoever and do not provide any personal information or payment.

    We are actively registering complaints with proper authorities were relevant.

Face the challenges of Accessibility, Mobility and Safety with SIS and discover the advantages.

A positive city

Enhancing the cities by making them more beautiful, more liveable, more welcoming, improving the information and reception services on offer.

Transport management

Modern technology solutions to reduce traffic and optimise the best routes.

Public transport

Getting about comfortably in the city by taking advantage of the interaction between parking areas and the public transport network such as buses, trams and the underground.

Traffic and parking

Regulated parking ensures a high rotation of parking slots, better parking opportunities and an efficient service available to citizens and tourists

Green Solutions

SIS has a particular application for the environment that surrounds us by offering green solutions, such as payment machines that can be fully integrated with charging systems for electric cars.

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Off Street

A new approach to parking

We work to optimise the mobility and accessibility of cities, improving urban life every day, alleviating urban traffic congestion and providing parking services, with the aim of developing more liveable urban areas to preserve the heritage of historic city centres

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Traffic in the Smart City

We design Solutions dedicated to optimising the traffic and transport network of your urban centres.

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SIS Our services

A wide range of particular services that can be integrated with each other and kept always up to date to maintain the high efficiency of our proposed solutions. Spanning from infrastructure to services with ample opportunities for expansion and customisation.