Parking data handling

Parking data handling

  • Real-time data
  • Forwarding Events and Alarms
  • Report Production
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Assisted Surveillance
  • Message Display Handling

Parking data handling

A web-based platform that allows an unlimited amount of simultaneous connections, connecting the parking terminals (parking payment machine, automatic payment units, etc.) in real time to the central supervision system, managed directly by SIS.

Event and Alarm Forwarding Service

Real-time forwarding of events and alarms that occur on the parking terminals, via SMS or email to the maintenance staff or the car park operator. The events forwarded warn of the need to replace consumables, exceeding the parking criteria surveillance thresholds, the collection of money, of breakdowns....

Report Production and Printing Service

Production and forwarding to the operators of statistical and financial reports starting from the data collected at the parking terminals. These reports allow the manager to have available, for the past month and for the current year, a report on those transactions it wishes to evaluate: receipts, their distribution by means of payment, the type of user, the occupancy rate and the availability of terminals ....

Remote Access Service

Secure access, via the Internet, from an operator computer to the data of the Services subscribed to, providing the following functions:

Supervision: real-time display and management of the operating status of the parking terminals and transfer of configuration, application, and pricing data.
Financial Data: display and statistical analysis of payments at the parking terminals (payment report, money collecting report, transaction data)

Assisted Surveillance Service

Link to the surveillance and penalty issue infrastructure which allows real-time information to be used to let the control teams intervene in case of an unusually low payment rate, and to generate regular reports that integrate the penalty issue activity.

Variable Message Service

Dynamic download of variable messages, defined by the manager or the city and accessible to the public, by displaying them on terminal displays and/or printing on tickets