Additional services

Payment systems

  • Significant added value
  • Improvement of urban life
  • Remote Access
  • Available 24/7
  • Flexible payments
  • Easy to use

Additional services

Value-added services

The future is already here ....

SIS has developed a series of Additional Services that offer users significant added value to help improve everyday urban life ....


SIS has designed a system that allows the user to conveniently book and reserve their space in the car park from home without worrying about getting there and finding it full.

The sale of the parking space can also be associated with special seasonal or promotional events.

The user, once the parking space is conveniently booked from home, goes to the car park and at the entrance, to effect access, places a printed barcode or the smartphone near the gate, or else automatic detection of the vehicle license plate will cause the barriers to lift automatically when the car is facing the camera.

This solution, offering significant added value to the parking space, facilitates the use and access of the end user.

General parking machine payments

SIS has designed a system that allows the user to use their parking payment machines, available 24/7, to make a range of payments without going to the Post Office or the Bank:

  • Monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual subscription for the school bus
  • School canteen fees
  • Fines for Highway Code contraventions