Payment systems

Payment systems

  • Different types of payment
  • Cash
  • Bank cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Web portal
  • Smartphone

Payment systems

Various possibilities for payment

Modern parking payment machines and automatic payment units allow different types of payment, not only in cash but also through different types of cards such as rechargeable and debit and credit cards.

Bank cards

You can use cards of different payment circuits without any commission costs, either as POS or as a debit/credit card. You can use Visa, Postepay, MasterCard and Maestro payment circuit cards

Manual payment

At the main car parks you can pay SIS staff directly, for the stay or for renewal of a subscription, by cash or electronic money

Web portal

Payment of services such as subscriptions, parking reservations and parking accesses can be made directly through the SIS portal using different banking channels


The duration of the stay can be paid directly via smartphone. The same application allows you to prolong the timeout of the stay if effected before the end of the stay